SOBS: XL Onmorake Carrion Phoenix - Deluxe Enemy pack

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Précommander (Release 21/10/2022)

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Packages in one carton1
Date de publication 21-10-2022


The Onmorake is a carrion phoenix, risen from the ashes of the scorched fields of battle! It soars through the sky, on its massive, tattered wings, breathing fire to burn its foes, then raising them back from the dead to join in the fight!Rising from the battlefield, charred and still burning, the Scourge Dead are plague-ridden Ashigaru foot soldiers that have come back for vengeance! Spreading disease and setting things ablaze as they march through the halls of the Forbidden Fortress, or stagger through the dense trees in the Forest of the Dead, these skeletal warriors are relentless in their burning hatred for the living!This Deluxe Enemy Pack includes the XL Onmorake Carrion Phoenix as well as 6 Scourge Dead Enemies for him to raise! It also includes a host of new Encounter and Gear cards themed for these foul undead creatures, including a new Plague Deck for the carrion phoenix and its disease-ridden Scourge Dead to spread! As a Deluxe Enemy Pack, this set also includes 2 Missions for your valiant Heroes to embark upon.


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