Arkham Horror LCG: Curse of the Rougarou scenario pack PTO

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Key features
Packaging BOX
Packages in one carton 1
Theme Arkham Horror
Publication date 19-01-2017
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Designed as a standalone adventure for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Curse of the Rougarou sends you and your friends along a bone-chilling hunt through New Orleans and the bayous of southern Louisiana. Its 62 cards come with all the rules, locations, act, agenda, and encounter cards that you’ll need to immerse yourself in a mystery full of malign spirits, murderous beasts, and other hazards—some natural and some decidedly unnatural. Additionally, the adventure comes with rules for adding it to your campaign as a “side-story,” complete with an asset you might earn, and a Curse you might suffer. Key Selling Points • A standalone adventure for the hot, new, cooperative LCG®, Arkham Horror: The Card Game • Sixty-two cards provide investigators all they need to enjoy a bonechilling murder mystery • Comes with rules that allow you to insert it into your campaign as a “side story” • Features two new player cards—one asset and one weakness • Made available via FFG’s in-house manufacturing


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