Multi-Ring - Rotating Condition and Health Tracker Rings tube 10p

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Précommander (Release 30/09/2024)

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Principales caractéristiques
SKU UPR16399
Emballage BOX
Packages in one carton 1
Type Life counter
Date de publication 30-09-2024


Easily track your tabletop status conditions, health points, and more with Multi-Ring Rotating Condition and Health Trackers! This set of ten versatile tracking rings feature 10 different trackable icons on one side, and the numbers 0-9 in a red-to-green gradient on the other, so you’ll never miss a single detail of play. With just a turn of the ring, you can track rage charges, concentration, grappled status, or anything you want using the colorful, adaptable icons. Each ring has a 1” inner diameter, which will fit around the base of most tabletop figures. The included clear storage tube makes these rings easy to transport and display, so you can take them with you anywhere you go!


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