MTG Mythic Edition Loyalty Dice and case

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Principales caractéristiques
Packages in one carton1
Theme Magic The Gathering
Type Box
Date de publication 31-10-2021


The Mythic Editions are Ultra PRO’s most premium accessories for Magic: The Gathering. This Dice Case features a black leatherette material with a mythic orange embroidered Planeswalker symbol and matching stitching, and includes a set of four Loyalty Dice. Each face features the iconic "loyalty" outline with numbers 1-6 on two dice and 7-12 on the other two dice, allowing you to save up for that ult with a single die face representing your progress clearly. Includes four 6-sided dice, measuring 22mm, packaged in with a zip and clip Mythic Edition Case. Rounded corners allow dice to roll further for better randomization and protects gaming table surfaces from dents or marks. Officially licensed Loyalty Dice and Case for Magic: The Gathering Includes four 6-sided dice: two dice are numbered 1-6 and the other two have the digits 7-12 Dice are large size (22mm) for improved visibility over standard D6 Case includes a zippered closure and carabiner-style hook Case features premium leatherette material with mythic orange embroidered Planeswalker symbol and matching stitching


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