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Principales caractéristiques
SKU ATN50011
Emballage BOX
Packages in one carton 1
Type Dungeons & Dragons
Date de publication 16-09-2022


The Dragon Shield Player Companion is a two-in-one storage box and gameplay area for players of tabletop RPGs. Use the Player Companion to pack dice, miniatures, pens/pencils, character sheets and an RPG book or two! Take everything you need to go dungeon delving in one handy companion. The Player Companion doubles as your play area, fold it out and roll dice in the dice tray for a satisfying sounding roll. Place your character sheet under the overlay and use the included dry erase marker to track HP, inspiration or death saves without marking your character sheet directly. You can easily wipe clean and re-write on the overlay. Do you use digital character sheets on a mobile phone or tablet? Use the included foam blocks and place it in the miniature compartment to rest at the perfect viewing angle while playing. The Companion can be folded if table space is tight. The Player Companion features a tough Dragon Skin™ exterior, making the companion a durable piece of adventuring gear. Dragon Shield Roleplaying accessories are designed to enhance gameplay and immersion for Game Masters and Players of tabletop RPGs! Included in the box: Dry erase marker Dragon Shield mini-adventure Features: Room for miniatures, pens and dice Doubles as a dice tray Tough Dragon Skin™ exterior Clear overlay and included dry erase marker makes tracking hit points easy Strong, magnetic lock ensures safe transport and storage of contents Deluxe duchess satin lining Holds a smart phone or iPad Space for RPG books


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