Gates of Gold -Viscounts of the West Kingdom Expansion

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Précommander (Release 21/10/2022)

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Date de publication 21-10-2022


Many have come! Who will stay and who must go?In Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Gates of Gold, people from near and far have come to see the splendor of our great city. While most are traders and laborers, eager to make a home for themselves, others seem to have more devious intentions.Can we really trust those who once attacked our walls? Do they truly desire peace? The King has sent his orders, but we will decide who may stay and who must leave.Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Gates of Gold is an expansion. Viscounts of the West Kingdom is required to play.Features:  New card types for players to add to their decks: King’s Orders and Outsiders  Manuscript Boards for housing transcribed Manuscripts, and unlocking new abilities  Six Castle Leader cards, and new Building Bonus Cards to add more competition and new strategies  More Heroes, Townsfolk, and Manuscript


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