Thorgal: The Board Game

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Date de publication 21-02-2024


Thorgal: The Board Game is a cooperative storybook adventure game for 1-4 players, aged 14+, and designed by Joanna Kijanka, Jan Maurycy, and Rafał Szyma. Players go on a series of adventures while taking on the roles of Thorgal, his wife Aaricia, their son Jolan, and Kriss—a deadly female warrior. The game consists of 7 stand-alone scenarios, each taking roughly 90-120 minutes to play. Scenarios do NOT form a campaign nor do they have any legacy features, so each can be played by different playgroups and repeatedly over an extended period of time. How to play? Unique action system: Use Action chips to boost the other players' actions and optimize your efforts. Multifunctional polyomino tiles: Use Polyomino tiles to wander through undiscovered territories, defeat enemies, and mark the wounds you receive. Immersive, richly illustrated Book of Tales: Discover the story by reading paragraph after paragraph, illustrated with iconic comic book panels. Map constantly changing via player decisions: Face the consequences of your past choices!


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