Rush MD Maternity & Dental Expansion

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Date de publication 21-10-2022


Maternity & Dental Clinics is a new mini expansion for Rush M.D. that introduces two new modules which expand the game's Outpatient clinic. In Maternity Clinic, you need to examine pregnant women to determine the gender of their baby(ies). In some cases the mother will have to be admitted in a Ward right away and have a surgery to give birth right away. In order to identify each baby's gender or to determine if the pregnant ladies need to go into labor, you will need to perform an Ultrasound, in the same fashion that you perform this in the Ultrasound section of the new Examinations Board, by using the special see-through red plastic chip to locate one or more gender symbols on the back of the top Maternity Diagnosis card. For each symbol you locate, you must place the corresponding tile(s) on the mother's card. If instead of finding gender symbols during the ultrasound, you locate a scalpel symbol, this means that the mother-to-be needs to give birth immediately to ensure the health of her baby. You will need to Hospitalize the mother to a Ward bed and take her to an Operating Room soon! In the Operating Room you will need to bring a Doctor and a Nurse to deliver the baby! In the Dental Clinic, you will get to admit Patients from the Outpatient Clinic who need to have their teeth checked up and cleaned. In order to perform a teeth cleanup, you will take the cubes and throw them like dice close by to the Dental Clinic board. Each cube(tooth) has one side that is colored black. Using your tweezers, you will need to place each tooth on the available slots of the Mouth tile but making sure that the black side of each tooth is facing down.


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