Neuroshima hex 3.0: Merchants Guild exp.

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Date de publication 21-09-2023


No one took the Merchants Guild seriously, because what is an army without territory, without flags, without a horde of roaming gangers on tweaked cars. And yet— when another wandering merchant is lost without a trace—it turns out that their lost gamble, the currency of the land, also belonged to their colleagues. They use their gambles for revenge, to organize an army that— under their flag—enters territory with a mission. You won’t believe how quickly people catch on to the science of power. The power of gambles and those who trade in it. Neuroshima Hex: Merchants Guild is a new faction expansion to the best-selling Portal Games evergreen title Neuroshima Hex. The new army introduces a new way of managing the tiles you draw—instead of discarding the least useful tile, you must decide which tiles utilize your Gambles best


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