Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory - boardgame

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Précommander (Release 21/03/2023)

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Principales caractéristiques
Packages in one carton1
Date de publication 21-03-2023


Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory is an asymmetric, politico-economic board game where players simulate a whole nation! In Hegemony, players choose on of the four available roles (Working Class, Capitalist Class, Middle Class, and the State) and through their actions and strategic card play compete for the Hegemony of the nation!In Hegemony you will get to propose bills and vote on specific policies, form the industry, control the workforce, manage the nation’s economy and take a dive into a world full of cunning political maneuvers, swift economic action and unique asymmetric play! Be a leader and bring forth a new era for your nation.Will you be able to achieve Hegemony?• Asymmetric, highly-interactive, thematic gameplay. • Deep yet intuitive simulation of a whole nation. • Developed with consultation from academics for maximum thematic representation. • Highly anticipated - KS campaign gathered more than 10,000 backers. • High quality game with dual-layered player boards, silkscreen printed meeples and m


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