Atheneum Mystic Library Boardgame

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Précommander (Release 21/09/2020)

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Date de publication 21-09-2020


In Atheneum: Mystic Library, the magic exam is tomorrow but the students didn’t study at all! They head to the Library to cheat, using magical books which don’t need to be read: a magic wand knock on a precise stack of books and... « TADA! » - a subject is learned by magic. However, to get inside de Library the guard will claim to clean up and organize the shelves in exchange for this intrusion at night...Study for the exam while cleaning up the library! During the game, you can score points for objectives by placing books on your shelves in specific configurations. At the end of the game, you will score points for full shelf compartments, decorative candles, and shelved books of your favorite subject. Most points wins!Study for your exam with magical books from the library!Organize the shelves while keeping an eye on your fellow students!Every action you take will give actions to the students near you!Create the most beautiful and organized shelf with books and candles to win the game!Designed for 2-5 book enthusiasts ages 10+ to optimize in 30-45 min


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