There is a product in my profile that jumped from "Pre-order" to "Back-order". How is this possible and why haven't i been delivered?

There is no stress to have in this situation. It just means the estimated release date has passed, but the products haven't arrived yet in our warehouse. This can happen when the manufacturer doesn't provide us with an exact delivery date or suffers delays. When this happens you'll see a release date placed on the 21st of the month we estimate it to arrive.

I've just created an account. Why can't I log in or see my professional prices?

After registration we first need to review and approve your account. Thank you for your understanding.

What is the minimum total price for free shipping?

Shipping is free in the BeNeLux for orders over €250 and over €500 for the rest of Europe.

What are the shipping charges?

For shipments between €125 and the free shipping amount (€250/€500) the shipping charges are :


6,95/box of max. 30 kg

France, Ireland, Germany

10/box of max. 30 kg


16/box of max. 30 kg

Other EU countries

20/box of max. 30 kg


Contact us for more information

Is there a maximum order of products i can order at once?

There is none, but we advise to always confirm orders under 50 lines before continuing . So that you get your products assigned faster and that you don't get any informatical error that would make you start over again.

How fast can i expect a "Back-order" to be replenished?

Depending on availability at the manufacturer this is usually within a week.

If you have a specific question feel free to contact us at: +32 2 722.99.99 or info@intrafin.be

When can i pay my order?

Orders can be paid as soon as the invoice is generated.

Invoices are generated when either your total available goods amount is higher than the free shipping for your location OR if you used the <ship now> button and choose to pay the shipping charges.

You will not be requested to pay for goods that are not available like pre-orders and backorders.

If i pay by bank-transfer, can i send you a proof of payment to accelerate the delivery?

Yes, this surely helps and is appreciated.

On which bank-account can i transfer my payments and with which reference?

You can choose between :


Iban: BE73 4431 6839 7160



Iban: BE12 3300 5875 6792


The Belgian customer can choose between the structured Belgian reference or the invoice number.

The reference can be found through: Overview > invoice number.

For our foreign customer, is the invoice number mandatory.

Once ordered, can i still change my wished products?

No. Once the goods have been selected and added to your purchase list, they can't be deleted anymore.For exceptions is the only possible way through contact at: info@intrafin.be

Is there a minimum order value for shipping?

Yes, the minimum order total is €125.

You can order in any amount you want, however if the total available goods amount in your account is smaller than 125€ then no invoice can be generated and no shipment will be prepared.

Can i come and pick my shipment up myself?

No. This is to guarantee the smooth running of the orders and safety.

When can i expect my goods to be delivered?

The goods are delivered within the 24 to 72h after departure.

What can i do when i'm a small business but don't have any VAT-number?

You will need to send us a mail, with all your company details and contact details.
We'll make an account for you and contact you back asap with a confirmation.

I'm getting the "Error:500" when i'm visiting your site.

You just need to refresh the site. Press F5.

How do i get the site to be in an other Language?

Surf to http://www.intrafin.eu/en/ for English
http://www.intrafin.eu/fr/ for French 
http://www.intrafin.eu/nl/ for Dutch
http://www.intrafin.eu/es/ for Spanish
http://www.intrafin.eu/de/ for German
http://www.intrafin.eu/it/ for Italian
http://www.intrafin.eu/pl/ for Polish
http://www.intrafin.eu/pt/ for Portuguese