Elite Store

What is an Intrafin Elite Store?

An Intrafin Elite Store is a WPN Store that has chosen Intrafin as its official distributor for Magic the Gathering.

You can choose Intrafin as your official distributor for Magic the Gathering when scheduling your events in the Wizards Event Reporter. Download this software on the Wizards of the Coast website.

Which advantages does an Intrafin Elite Store have?

  • A fixed reduction of 2% (core) or 3% (advanced) on our wide range of products except MTG (UltraPro accessories, all our board & card games, and many more !)
  • Attractive fixed prices for all MTG products, and price reductions measured upon your specific needs
  • Best Price policy - whenever you find a more attractive price, we'll do our best to follow it !
  • A fair allocation on rare and special products like Modern Masters of From the Vault
  • A personal client service

How can I become an Intrafin Elite Store?

You can register on our website or send us an email. In either case, please provide us with as much information as possible about your WPN Store (core or advanced status, number of players, ...).