Star Wars: Hyperspace Trials Kit 1

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Preorder (Release 01/05/2019)

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Key features
Packages in one carton1
Theme Star Wars
Publication date 01-05-2019
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Transform your store into one of the galaxy’s greatest X-Wing™ battlefields by hosting a 2019 Hyperspace Trial! Hyperspace Trials draw X-Wing players together from across your region for spirited competition, a shot at exclusive prizes, and a chance to qualify for the game’s World Championship. There are two cycles of Hyperspace Trials per year. Each cycle utilizes its own set of squad-building requirements, each cycle introduces new prizes, and each Hyperspace Trial within the first cycle of 2019 is supported by the contents of a 2019 Hyperspace Trials Kit #1. X-Wing Hyperspace Trials within the first cycle of 2019 can be scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday, between March 2nd and June 30th. Alternatively, you can host a two-day tournament, with Swiss rounds on Saturday and elimination rounds on Sunday.


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