MTG War of the Spark Theme Booster display (10) English

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Key features
Packages in one carton1
Theme Magic The Gathering
Type Booster
Publication date 27-04-2019
Arrival date


A thematic booster that will allow new and casual players to engage with their favorite colors\guild and buying some current content in the theme of their choice. Theme Boosters will provide a good quantity of the cards from the Guilds of Ravnica set, perfect to build their collection or a guild-themed deck for casual play. KEY SELLING POINTS Casual and newest players will be able to quickly build a guild-themed Standard deck – just add lands! • Enhance guild affiliation and guild-themed card collection CONTENT: One Theme Booster for each guild – five available in total 35 Cards, 34 common\uncommon and 1 rare\mythic rare


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