A Game of Thrones: The Card Game 2018 Store Championship Kit

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Publication date 21-11-2018
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Let your players compete for the title of champion as their favorite houses from A Game of Thrones™ with a 2018 A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Store Championship Kit! This living card game offers intrigue and combat as houses vie for control of Westeros. Each Store Championship Kit contains everything you need to host this competitive event in your retail store. After your kit is invoiced and shipped, schedule your Store Championship tournament on a Saturday or Sunday between November 10th and February 24th. The exclusive prizes include cards and items for the top 32, top 8, and top 4 players. One of each of these prizes is also included for the organizer to keep or award at their discretion. In addition, the top 2 players earn an in-game trophy - a stunning plastic card that displays their finishing position. The winner will claim the title of Champion of your store, and receives a coveted bye card to use at an upcoming Regional Championship!


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