Zombicide: White Death Eternal Empire expansion

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Preorder (Release 21/06/2024)

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Publication date 21-06-2024
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Winter is upon us and its dark and cruel night brings forth dreadful menaces, worse than frostbite... Zombicide Medieval Fantasy is back! With new survivors, new zombies, new setting, and new rules! Scale the great walls to your advantage Use the added height of the fortress walls to escape the Zombies' grasp, dump cauldrons of hot tar onto enemies below, and gain superior line of sight! Arm yourself to the teeth Command a retinue of guards to push back against the Zombie Horde and use unique Survivor skills to bolster their abilities. Melee Attack… From a distance Cut down the Zombie horde with shiny new polearm-type weapons. Melee without ever having to get in close range! Freeze Zombies dead in their tracks! Draw on the surrounding icy elements and channel it towards your foes preventing them from taking any actions. Mind the ruin zones The constant zombie siege has wrought devastation onto the lands. Crumbling buildings offer little to search for, yet remain challenging to shoot through. And stop the corruption! Necromancers send waves of corruption close to the beacon to steal its power and spawn zombies each time they activate. If the beacon gets corrupted, all hope is lost! And this is only the tip of the iceberg! —description from the publisher


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