Shadows of Brimstone: Gates of Valhalla Adventure Set

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Publication date 21-10-2020
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It is the Age of Vikings; raiding, pillaging, and sailing the seas to explore untamed regions of the wilderness. For a hundred years, an Endless Winter of supernatural storms has ravaged the Norse Lands, driving out the men of the North. Now as the storms recede, they leave in their wake a frozen land, overrun with mythic creatures and terrifying demons. Hideous Trolls raid the local villages and towering Frost Giants stomp through the hills, feeding on livestock and unlucky travelers! The sky grows ever darker as Odin and the gods of Asgard seem to have all but forsaken this place. While most flee in terror, some heroic Viking Clans come forward to stand against the Darkness, setting out on expeditions into the unknown. Shadows of Brimstone: Gates of Valhalla is a fast-paced, Cooperative, dungeon-crawl boardgame set in the Age of Vikings and mixed with Unspeakable Horror! Each player creates a character, taking on the role of a classic Viking Hero Archetype, such as a Jarl chieftain, Huscarl honor guard, Berserker, or Raider. Forming a party of Heroes, the players take their characters into the dark forests of the Norse Lands, overrun with creatures of myth and legend. This Adventure Set includes an 8 part Gates of Valhalla narrative story campaign, but that is only the beginning of your Heroes' Saga. Explore the Norse Lands, overcoming dangerous encounters and fighting savage creatures, while collecting useful Gear and ancient Artifacts to aid in your adventures. With a robust campaign system, Hero characters can be kept from game to game, earning experience and going up in levels to increase their skills and gain new abilities. The Heroes can also build and customize their Expedition Camp between adventures, spending their hard-earned loot and re-supplying for the next mission. So grab up your axe, strap on your furs, and gather the war party, the Darkness is coming, and the Vikings are ready to earn their honored place... at the Gates of Valhalla!


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