Shadowrun 5 Crossfire Prime Runner Edition

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Key features
Packages in one carton1
Theme Shadowrun
Publication date 31-10-2018
Arrival date


Prime Runner Edition, an updated edition that makes it better than ever. The core gameplay, which demands good tactical thinking and strong cooperation, remains unchanged, but other changes and updates make the game smoother and more accessible. Rules tweaks and redesigned character cards, are based on improvements that came with the breakout game Dragonfire, while others focus on giving more options to players, including putting more missions in the base box.Builds off the popularity of both the Shadowrun universe and the new Dragonfire game Includes small rules changes that will make it easier for players to get into the game without making drastic changes that will throw off existing players. Features the original art that helped make the first printing so immersive, while also including new art


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