Jack The Ripper

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Publication date 21-03-2019
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This is a card game of deception, confusion, and chaos. In Jack the Ripper, you play a character that has been attending an aristocrat's party in the year 1888. The main event of the party is a scavenger hunt and you and your group of fellow scavenger hunters are one item away from completing the hunt. The only problem is, you've been locked in a dark warehouse and one of your team mates is a celebrity known as The Whitechapel Murderer, Jack the Ripper. You just don't know which one! Jack the Ripper is mechanically easy to play and it doesn't take long to get through a game but it is dynamic enough to allow for many potential strategies in both the cards you play and the style in which you play them. If Jack can murder all of the partygoers before they murder him, Jack the Ripper wins the hunt and prowls on in infamy. If Jack falls first, then the remaining partygoers share in the victory and become the heroes of Whitechapel. But would be heroes beware, Jack has some tricks up his sleeve to help take you out.


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