Imperial Settlers: In-store Event Kit 2018

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Publication date 02-02-2018
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Imperial Settlers card game is Portal Games’ evergreen. Many boardgamers are huge fans of Imperial Settlers. Especially for them, Portal Games has prepared In-store Event Kit. It’s a perfect tool to organize an Imperial Settlers themed game evening – or even a mini-tournament where the winners can claim unique gifts connected to their favorite game!In this kit we offer three cards for each base faction (12 cards) with a unique artwork in a “panorama view”. This artwork can be put together into one huge art piece – when a player puts all three faction cards next to each other, it creates one big amazing scene from the World of Settlers. In the kit you will find two sets of those cards (24 cards total).Additionally, in the kit you will find a big playing mat (dimensions 23×13′′) for Imperial Settlers – you may use it as a main prize during your in-store event.


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