Holidays Hijinks 4 The Cupid Crisis - escape room

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Publication date 21-02-2023
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It is Valentine’s Day, and your much-anticipated date has met with an unexpected heartbreak. Can you set things right in time for a lovely evening together?When you have solved a puzzle, you will enter the answer into the companion web app (compatible with all smart phones and computers) and check whether you are correct. If you are, the app will tell you which card or cards to take next.The app also contains a graduated hint system, so if you get stuck you can get just a small hint about the current puzzle to get moving again without giving too much away.Puzzles may test your perception, wordplay, and lateral thinking. English language fluency is required.Most groups take about an hour to solve the game. You can write on the cards to help solve puzzles, but this is not required (or you could use penny sleeves) and the game is otherwise non-destructible. So while you can’t play again yourself, you could give the used game to someone else to play.This game is an 18-card escape room experience for 1 or more players, and takes about 60 minutes to solve cooperatively.


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