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Publication date 31-07-2020
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Ascension Eternal Includes original content not available in other Ascension products!Ascension Eternal is a fast-paced deckbuilding game designed by Magic Pro Tour champion Justin Gary, and Jared Saramago.Continuing to build on the 10 year success of Ascension in the hobby/enthusiast market, this package brings all of the strategy and tactics of the award-winning deckbuilding game to a new low-priced, 2 player version accessible to casual audiences!Easy to learn and a perfect entry point for new players! With a 20 minute playtime for 2 and the ability to add multiple copies together for more player action!To help retailers understand this new product, here are some additional insights!We've reduced the box size from the traditional Ascension box, This version is a 2-player game designed to be an easy over the counter demo Updated artwork to reflect the modern gamescape Reduced board size to help make the game easier to transport for game night Components:122 Cards 20 Honor Tokens 1 Gameboard Instructions


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