7th Sea Lands of Gold and fire

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Key features
Packaging BOX
Packages in one carton 1
Theme Doctor Who
Publication date 04-10-2017
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This book contains material for 7th Sea: Lands of Gold and Fire including new mechanics for Backgrounds, Advantages, Arcana, Stories, Dueling styles, and Sorceries. It also includes the five Nations of Ifri: Manden, a land overflowing with gold, with a keen eye for international diplomacy. Mbey, a once great nation now controlled by an ancient evil which threatens all of Terra. Maghreb, whose beloved Blue Queen reigns over a desert land with a fierce soul. Aksum where logic combines with sorcery to create a strategic and effective empire. Khemet where darkness shrouds an ancient empire and a Prince seeks to bring the light. A shadow has cast its shape across the glorious lands of Gold and Fire, will you join the fight to dispel it?


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